Winter Challenge rally visits Market Harborough

A Winter Challenge car visits the Angel Hotel in Market Harborough

A Winter Challenge car visits the Angel Hotel in Market Harborough


Old car enthusiasts will be out in force in November when the Winter Challenge – a replication of the Monte Carlo rally – visits Market Harborough on the six-day journey south to the Mediterranean.

Competitors in classic cars of the fifties and sixties will call at a Time Control at the Angel Hotel in the town on the first day of the event. The British participants will start in Chester and take an hour’s halt in Harborough before travelling onwards to Beaune in France to meet up with European competitors who will start from Noordwijk in the Netherlands.

The rally closely follows the format of the fifties and sixties events, using many of the same roads in the Alps before finishing in the winter sunshine on the harbourside in glamorous Monte Carlo. Competitors are encouraged to keep the cars to the same specification and appearance as the originals and crews will be dressed in appropriate period clothing – no modern rally jackets or overalls are allowed.

Cars will park on High Street, between Bowden Lane and Abbey Street so that onlookers can see the cars at close quarters whilst the teams

get the first stamp in the roadbook on their long journey south.

The first car is due to arrive in the town at around 12:30 lunchtime on Sunday 20 November.

For more information contact Andrew Duerden on 07836 318400 or Jeremy Dickson at the Classic Rally Association on 01633 263366


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