Theddingworth’s Hothorpe Hall pledges a bigger commitment to recycling

Conference and Events Centre, Hothorpe Hall, in the village of Theddingworth has just increased its commitment to recycling, in partnership with Harborough District Council. Hothorpe Hall has pledged to help reduce their carbon footprint, by increasing its recycling of plastic, tin, paper, cardboard, glass and food waste.

As a busy events centre welcoming around 23,000 guests annually, Hothorpe Hall understands the need to recycle due to the volumes produced from their busy day-to-day business. The increase in recycling will also help relieve the strain on landfill sites. All employees have been asked to think twice before putting waste in the bin – either reuse or recycle, wherever possible. Extra recycling points are being added to offices and communal staff areas as well as main meeting rooms for guests.

Hothorpe Hall’s Operations Director, Nicola Firth, said:

We have always been committed to recycling, however, we felt the time was right to go the extra mile and recycle more, including food waste. Staff have also pledged their commitment to the scheme and we hope it’ll go some way to help reduce our carbon footprint. I urge other Harborough businesses to get involved in the Council’s scheme too as it can reduce your waste management costs by diverting the rubbish to recycling instead.”


Any businesses wishing to discuss their recycling options, including food waste, should contact Harborough District Council on 0800 0688 225.

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