Microchipping can reduce numbers of lost pets’ says Harborough vet

Microchipping can reduce numbers of lost pets’ says Harborough vetA veterinary practice in Harborough is offering pet owners a way of locating their pet should it ever go missing. Ash Tree Veterinary Practice on Northampton Road is running a special offer on their microchipping service as part of National Microchip Month which takes place from 1st through to 30th June.

The annual event is organised by The Kennel Club of Great Britain and backed by animal charities including the PDSA and the RSPCA. Nick Turner, veterinary surgeon at Ash Tree explains why all owners should consider microchipping their pet. “Microchipping is suitable for most animals, although it’s most commonly used for cats and dogs. It’s a quick and simple procedure which lasts for life and ensures that, should your pet ever wander off or get lost, you have a reliable means of tracing their whereabouts.

The process involves a small chip, the size of a grain of rice, being placed underneath the animal’s skin. The chip stores the owner’s details and a unique code which can be read by a special scanner used by RSPCA inspectors, dog wardens and vets. The code links into a database with the owner’s contact details so that they can be reunited.

“The microchipping message seems to be getting through,” comments Nick. “Events such as National Microchipping Month have played a valuable part in encouraging people to safeguard their pet by carrying out the procedure. Around half a million animals have been microchipped in the last five years alone. We hope that by extending this special offer throughout June, we will help to reduce the number of lost pets in the Harborough region.”

Ash Tree is offering to microchip animals for £13.50 during June.

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