Market Harborough company develops products to kill off bacteria

Market Harborough company develops products to kill off bacteria

(left to right) Glen Beavis and Byron Dixon of Micro-Fresh.

A company in Market Harborough, Leicestershire has developed a range of products that kill 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces and continues to work for four weeks after its initial use. The cleaning solution by Micro-Fresh® (, who are based in BowdenBusinessVillage, has been specially formulated and tested to decrease the spread of bacteria.

“Eighty percent of all common illnesses are spread by hand to mouth, nose and eye contact, if you then touch a surface cross contamination can occur,” comments Glen Beavis, Operations Manager at Micro-Fresh. “The Micro-Fresh solution continues to work weeks after its initial use and has been well received by staff in kitchens, hospitals, and nurseries,”

The solution, which is designed for use in hospitals, nurseries, nursing homes and food preparation sites, starts to work after just one application and is the first product of its kind offering long term protection. The active ingredients restrict the growth of life threatening bacteria such as, MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, E-coli and Legionella. The solution which comes in a spray and a disposable wipe is independently tested by Bodycote Laboratories.

Micro-Fresh can be used as part of the cleaning process or can be added to materials in the manufacturing stage. The spray and disposable wipes are the first in a range of products that the Harborough company plan to release this year; other products include a metal door plate that kills bacteria to stop cross contamination from surfaces.

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