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Infant aquatic swimming courses for babies and toddlers from two months to four years

About Little Splashers, babies and toddlers swimming lessons & swimming courses

Lessons that teach your baby to swim…..

Little Splashers specialise in infant aquatic swimming courses for babies and toddlers from two months to four years. Lessons are developed around a mixture of gentle yoga moves, exciting play activities and songs to make swimming fun. You will find the ‘Little Splasher’ course different from traditional swimming lessons, with more emphasis on teaching you how to hold and move your baby through the water to stimulate early reflexes.

Throughout the course, you will learn above and below the water techniques as well as invaluable safety skills. As each course progresses you will build your babies confidence and learn new ways to swim with your baby and work towards independent swimming at a very young age.

Why learn so young?

It is never too early to learn how to swim. Babies are born with natural swimming abilities in the form of reflexes such as the amphibian (leg kick) reflex and the diving reflex.

The Little Splashers program is designed for babies to make an easy transition from their early reflexes to conscious movements. It is amazing that even tiny babies learn to respond to voice commands, allowing them to do amazing things like ‘hold on’ and breath-hold almost from the start. And, swimming is an exercise that they can fully participate in even before they can learn how to crawl or walk.

Swimming from an early age has many health benefits:

Benefiting the Body
In a weightless aquatic environment babies can use more muscles and move freely without restriction. This means they develop more muscle tone and strength and can exercise their joints making them more flexible. It is also reported that babies that swim regularly often have improved appetites and sleeping patterns.

Benefiting the Mind
Spending quality one to one time with total focus on each other in the pool, having fun and relaxing together is extremely beneficial to baby and adult and can help the bonding process. Many moves and techniques used promote skin to skin contact, closeness, trust and touch.

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