Kibworth – Swiss collaboration creates innovative climbing equipment

Kibworth - Swiss collaboration creates innovative climbing equipment

(left to right) Simon Hobbs, MD of Canard Design and Jean-Dipak Sen, owner of Tricouni. 

A product design company based near Kibworth has been working with Swiss climbing equipment specialists, Tricouni to develop a new style gripping device for climbers. Canard Design ( which has offices at Priory Park has spent six months with the company developing a new design for crampons.

Crampons are traction devices on boots used by hikers, mountain climbers and skiers to improve mobility. Tricouni has long been a popular brand with mountaineers, becoming famous in the 1920s due to their use of detachable nails which allowed climbers to create signature footprints helping them to track each other in the snow or mud.

The new design is called the Tricouni Gripping System or TRIGS, and makes use of the latest technology to create lightweight equipment. The detail in the plastic components allows flexibility and different types of spike to be used depending on the terrain. The TRIGS can be worn with walking boots or shoes in small, medium and large sizes for use in snowy and icy conditions. The TRIGs are currently undergoing in-field testing ready to go on the market this winter.

“It’s been a great opportunity working with an iconic mountaineering brand to help develop a fantastic piece of equipment. They were our very first international client and the collaboration has been hugely successful,” comments Simon Hobbs, Managing Director of Canard Design. “We are looking forward to working with Tricouni to develop more innovative products later this year.”

Canard Design work with businesses to help add value to a product line, reduce production costs and enhance product identity through design and prototyping, ensuring that concepts are ready for manufacture.

Simon adds, “We now have three other international clients, and are looking to grow our global business over the course of this year. Britain still has an excellent reputation across the world for great design.”

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