To help local organisations celebrate National Customer Service Week (3rd – 9th October 2011) Investors in People Central England have developed a ‘top tips’ guide to help businesses across Leicestershire ensure that their employees feel fully engaged, as part of a drive to improve customer service and satisfaction. The guide empowers employers to find new ways to build a customer-focused culture that will, in turn, help their business stand out from the crowd:

  • Help employees understand your business goals – staff need to understand where the organisation is going, its promise to customers and how they can help deliver this.
  • Make communications relevant – talk to employees on their own terms and use communication channels familiar to them. There is no ‘one-size-fits all’ formula that works for every organisation and every person within it.
  • Involve employees – no manager has the monopoly on bright ideas and frontline staff can offer valuable insights. Ask your employees what they think would make customers more loyal, or how best to diffuse difficult phone conversations.
  • Be visible and supportive – employees need to know you’re available to give guidance, that you will offer support and that you’re interested in their feedback and ideas at all times. This can be as simple as ensuring there are regular team meetings.
  • Celebrate and reward success – individual employees can have a tangible impact on the customer experience. Think about introducing mini-reward schemes that encourage individuals to go above and beyond in the bid to deliver great service.

Sean Read, Director of EMB Excellence Ltd, (emb-x), the leading enterprise and economic development company that delivers a range of business improvement services, including Investors in People across Central England comments “Employees are the best ambassadors for any business. They can make a huge impact on the customer experience, but to do this they need to understand and support the aims and objectives of the business. Research has shown that an engaged workforce is more motivated and better equipped to meet customer demands. In our experience, once staff understand where the company is heading and how they can help drive success, putting the customer first becomes second nature.

Putting people development at the heart of every function is the most cost-effective decision a business can ever make. Employees are central to business success so it is vital for staff to be skilled, flexible and motivated; this can be achieved through planned and consistent learning and development. The Investors in People framework ensures that if you look after your inputs the outputs will look after themselves.”

Research conducted amongst Investor in People organisations has shown that 80 per cent have increased levels of customer satisfaction and 70 per cent have improved their productivity.

To find out more about how the Investors in People framework can improve your business productivity, performance and competitiveness,

contact emb-x on 0845 872 7727 email or visit

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