Harborough vets offer FREE pet slimming club to tackle growth in pet obesity

Harborough vets offer FREE pet slimming club to tackle growth in pet obesityA Harborough veterinary surgery has the answer to growing rates of pet obesity in the Midlands – a slimming club for pets. The Ash Tree Veterinary Practice in Northampton Road has experienced an increasing demand for the health and weight loss sessions which are designed to tackle the causes of obesity in a whole range of pets.


The practice introduced the pet slimming club in response to a steady rise in cases of overweight pets. The sessions are free of charge, run on demand and offer advice and tips for keeping pets healthy, as well as drawing up diet and exercise plans specific to an individual pet’s needs.


“The trend in rising pet obesity seems to be mirroring that of humans and has much the same causes: an inappropriate diet and lack of suitable exercise,” explains Caroline Drummond, Practice Manager at Ash Tree. “Weight can creep on slowly over a period of time so we aim to give people strategies to gradually reduce their pet’s weight to a healthier level.”


Liz Smith of Audley Close in Harborough is one pet owner who decided to monitor her dog’s nutrition after discussion with staff at Ash Tree. “Whilst my dog Maggie was fit and relatively healthy, her weight had steadily increased since she was a puppy to the extent that we were concerned as to how it might affect her long term health,” comments Liz. “After consulting my vet, I made changes to Maggie’s diet and exercise regime and we have been really pleased with the results.”


After a survey of over 30,000 dogs over the past four years, the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) estimates that around one third of dogs in the UK are overweight whilst the Midlands has the second highest obesity rates in England at 37%. Obesity affects a range of animals such as cats, dogs and rabbits and can lead to serious health problems later in a pet’s life, including diabetes, increased blood pressure and greater risk of arthritis, as well as reducing quality of life and life expectancy.


“As the clocks go forward, people find it easier to make the time to walk their dogs so it’s the perfect time to look at the whole issue of pet health and fitness,” comments Caroline

To join the free pet slimming club, call Ash Tree Veterinary Practice on 01858 462 839.

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