Harborough residents urged to make a pledge to get 2015 off to a green start

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Volunteers at Sustainable Harborough’s I Love Market Harborough Festival in 2014.


Harborough residents are being asked to think about the environment and make at least 1 simple pledge before the end of January.

Sustainable Harborough, based on Abbey Street, have set up a ‘Pledge-o-metre’ that is open to all local residents. They are asking residents to spare a few minutes during January to think about they could do to reduce their impact on the environment.

“It can be all too easy to think that whatever we do won’t make any difference to the environment” comments Gavin Fletcher from Sustainable Harborough “But if we all take a few small steps, it can have a big impact over time.”

Typical pledges recorded on the site include making sure that more of the household waste is recycled, to walk or cycle more journeys, to use the garden to grow more of their own vegetables. Another person is going to cut out meat every Monday.

“I know of several people who have also made a pledge to volunteer for organisations locally who make a difference to the community such as The Rotary Club or Harborough Improvement Team. The pledge can be about taking something up as well as cutting down” says Gavin.

To see what other people have pledged, or to make your pledge to do your bit in 2015, go to www.sustainableharborough.co.uk. Leaving your pledge will take less than 5 minutes in total.

Sustainable Harborough is a five year project funded through the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Communities Living Sustainably’ programme, working with householders, businesses and local producers to raise awareness of sustainability in the community. The organisation offers practical support to individuals and groups who want to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance the environment in which they live and work.

To find out more about Sustainable Harborough visit www.sustainableharborough.co.uk or email sustainableharborough@ruralcc.org.uk.

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