Harborough company launches iPad video app and DVD guide for caravan owners

Harborough company launches iPad video app and DVD guide for caravan owners

The app and DVD

A Harborough company has launched a DVD and video app for new and prospective caravan owners.  The Beginner’s Guide to Caravanning, which was scripted and filmed by No Going Back Productions, was unveiled to coincide with the NCC Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham last month (October).

No Going Back Productions (www.nogoingbackproductions.com) specialise in scripting, filming and producing videos for the health and safety sector.  The caravan guide comprises a DVD or iPAD video app with downloadable information sheets and checklists. The 40 minute production covers all areas of buying and owning a caravan, including guidance on choosing wisely, hitching up, driving tips and advice on maintenance issues.

“Owning a caravan offers a sense of freedom and opens up a whole new world for many people,” comments David Wilford, director of No Going Back Productions. “However, it can be a daunting prospect for the first timer. There are so many different models on the market that the first stumbling block is knowing what to look for.  Many people are also worried about hitching up and towing a caravan for the first few times. The video breaks down the steps and shows them exactly what to do far more clearly than a written guide could do.”

The visual material is supported by a set of notes and check sheets which can be accessed directly from within the video app, from a PC or via the guide’s website by visiting www.beginnersguidetocaravanning.co.uk.

The NCC reported that over 21,000 new caravans were sold between February 2012 and 2013 with towed touring caravans the most popular option amongst its members according to the Caravan Club. The warm summer weather has also contributed to the popularity of caravanning this year.

However, with the price of a new four berth touring caravan starting at around £13,000, buying a caravan is a significant investment for many people, so it is important that they choose wisely and their towcar is suitably matched and up to the task. As a fundamental foundation of safe towing, a significant portion of the video covers this subject.

Owners also need to be aware of a range of issues such as towing restrictions based on the combined weight of their outfit, the different types of towbars and electrical systems available and electrical power consumption on site.  These are all explained in the video with further explanation available on the downloadable information sheets.

Both versions of The Beginner’s Guide to Caravanning retail at £14.99.  The iPad video app is available from the iTunes App Store. The DVD is available from caravan dealers’ accessory shops, online retailers such as Amazon, or direct from the supporting website http://www.beginnersguidetocaravanning.co.uk

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