Harborough centre offers health MOTs for the New Year

Harborough centre offers health MOTs for the New Year

Nutritional therapist Rachel Helmn of Archway House

People from around the Harborough region will be able to get 2014 off to a positive start by taking part in a new health MOT programme which is being run in the New Year.

Archway House Natural Health Centre on Lubenham Hill will be running fortnightly health MOT clinics commencing in January, offering people the chance to shed the excesses of the festive period and take better care of their general health.

The sessions will be run by nutritional therapist Rachel Helmn, who will be offering two different types of health consultation. The first is testing for food intolerances ranging from 50 to 150 common reactions to food, whilst the second consists of a pin prick blood test to test cholesterol and blood glucose, a pH level test, BMI assessment and blood pressure reading. The aim is to give people the advice and information that they need to improve their health and wellbeing.

We all get our cars serviced once a year, so why do we go decades without a check up on our bodies?” comments Rachel. “Everything you do or want to do is made easier with the right nutrition.  Whether it is recovering from an injury, helping overcome illness, or just making the aging process a little kinder, nutrition is key. The NHS focuses on finding cures to health issues that have already occurred, whereas nutritional therapy can focus on preventing these issues from ever getting to that stage.”

The clinic will be aimed at those who feel that they’ve overdone it over Christmas, those who are making health based New Year’s resolutions or those who are simply feeling generally fatigued. Each consultation takes half an hour, with clients receiving results immediately for health MOTs and within 10-14 days for food intolerance tests.

Nutritional therapy aims to promote the body’s natural healing mechanisms to bring pain relief and to focus on wellbeing. By combining knowledge of human physiology, biochemistry and nutrient metabolism, Rachel is able to provide patients with information on the right balance of nutrients that they need to function effectively and to improve their overall health.

Rachel explains “The health MOT clinic is perfect for those who want to start their New Year’s health commitment in the right way – if you’re thinking of joining a gym or starting a new exercise regime this is definitely for you.  By doing these tests, we can gain important information on the individual’s well-being and any health risks they could be in danger of developing.”

Clinics will be held on Saturdays between 9am and 1pm, starting on the 11th January and will cost £40 for a health MOT, with prices starting at £99 for food intolerance tests. To book your consultation or to speak to Rachel about the clinics, contact 01858 410820 or email info@archwayhouse.co.uk.

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