Harborough businesses could be eligible for research and development funding

Harborough businesses could be eligible for research and development funding

Businesses in and around Market Harborough may be able to claim back thousands of pounds in funding according to local research and development (R & D) experts R & T Consultants. Based in St Mary’s Road in Market Harborough, R & T is inviting local business owners to a free seminar in July to find out if they are eligible to claim back money spent on R & D in their companies.

Government figures show that around 40% of businesses that have invested money in R & D fail to claim the money that they are entitled to. The Government has a wide definition of R & D criteria and the seminar, which is a being held on Tuesday 3rd July between 1pm and 2pm at the Scott Bader Innovation Centre in Wollaston near Wellingborough, will assist companies in checking their eligibility for funding.

The event will include a presentation by HMRC on the R &D scheme as well as a talk by Richard Cullum, Managing Partner of R & T Consultants who will explain how to make a claim.

“Most business owners don’t realise that the scheme is open to SMEs,” explains Richard. “However, many smaller companies are perfectly entitled to make claims dating back several years. Areas such as developing new products or the improvement of internal IT systems can both be considered. Unfortunately, most of these companies don’t realise that they can claim back a majority of the money they have invested through tax credit schemes. This seminar aims to explain exactly how they go about it.”

To book a place on the seminar, contact 01858 445522 or e-mail enquiries@rt-consultants.co.uk.

Due to anticipated demand, places are restricted to a maximum of two persons per company.

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