Harborough author launches marketing book to local business owners

Harborough author launches marketing book to local business owners

(left to right) Chuck Grieve, Karen Harewood and Alastair Campbell

A local businessman and author launched his second book in Market Harborough to an audience of over 40 local business owners and clients.  Alastair Campbell, MD of the Ideal Marketing Company, held a book launch at the Arc Business Centre off Lubenham Hill last Thursday evening (October 4th) to an invited audience.

His book, entitled ‘52 Ways to Grow Your Business’, is written for business owners looking for practical ideas that will help them achieve low cost growth within their companies. After an introduction by the book’s publisher Chuck Grieve, Mr Campbell spoke for half an hour about the ideas contained in the book and then answered questions from the audience about marketing and PR.

Amongst those in attendance was Harborough Chamber of Commerce president Pete Whelan and his vice president Martin Hill, as well as the 2011 English 800m champion Karen Harewood who wrote the book’s introduction.  “I was invited to contribute a foreword to the book by Alastair about six months ago.  After reading an earlier draft of the book, I was happy to assist,” says Karen.  “I can see many parallels in the determination and single mindedness needed to run a business and running on the track. I’m sure that many business owners in the UK and beyond will find it a big help if they want their business to succeed,” she added.

Author Alastair Campbell published his first book over two years ago. Since that time, he has been collecting ideas and stories from his work with clients to include in the second book. “Every example, every story and every idea in this book is based on real life experiences that I have either created for clients or used myself,” says Alastair. “I’m delighted to say that even through the book has only been available for a few days, it has already attracted several five star reviews on Amazon.  It looks like it is going to be as helpful to business owners as my first book The Marketing Launchpad.

The Harborough based Ideal Marketing Company works with around 25 companies from across the Midlands and London helping them with marketing, PR and social media projects.   Alastair regularly speaks at business organisations, conferences and seminars around the UK.

The Marketing Launchpad and 52 Ways to Grow Your Business are both available on Amazon.co.uk and cost £12.99.

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