Chocolate can be deadly for dogs,’ warns Harborough veterinary practice

Ash Tree Vets on Northampton RoadA Harborough veterinary practice has issued a warning to dog owners – feeding your dog chocolate could be deadly. Nick Turner, Veterinary Surgeon at Ash Tree Vets on Northampton Road, has spoken out as every Easter the practice receives many calls from concerned owners whose dogs have been poisoned by chocolate. Owners think that they are giving their pet a treat – but instead they are inadvertently feeding them theobromine, which is harmless to humans but can be deadly for dogs.

The cocoa bean contains theobromine and if this is consumed in the form of chocolate by your dog, they may display a number of unpleasant symptoms.” Nick explains. “A dog may vomit or become restless, drooling saliva and have difficulty standing or walking. Increased thirst is also common. As little as 30 grams can be fatal – but how much a dog can consume varies greatly depending on the size of the dog and the type of chocolate. If you are unsure as to whether your dog may be suffering the effects of chocolate poisoning it is important to seek veterinary advice as soon as possible”.

Chocolate can be deadly for dogsFor owners who would still like to give their dogs a special treat this Easter, there are many brands of dog friendly chocolate on the market, but on no account should dogs be fed chocolate designed for humans. “The dogs that tend to suffer the most are the ones who have eaten large amounts of chocolate – so make sure any Easter eggs or chocolates are kept out of reach of your dog in case they help themselves when you are not looking,” Nick adds.

Each year Ash Tree receives a steady stream of dogs suffering from chocolate poisoning, but the numbers generally peak during the Easter period. “We hope that, with help from The Mail in publicising and highlighting this issue, we may help people avoid unnecessary vets’ bills – and more importantly, unnecessary suffering in their dogs,” comments Nick

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