Business Booms in Kibworth as Boboli opens Seven Days a Week

News from Firenze /Boboli Kibworth’s Italian Restaurants

As we spring into Spring, the crocuses and pushing through, Magnolias are in bloom, and the promise of sunshine days ahead, we celebrate 2011

We do, after all have so much to celebrate; in October Firenze will be 12 and in May Boboli will be 4, this in itself is plenty to be proud of, but as we have forged ahead, especially in these rather tricky times we hope that our efforts to keep what we are doing exciting and vibrant have equally excited you.


Moving into Spring is always a time of rebirth, and rejuvenation, with the sunshine comes, colour, bird song, and an air of anticipation. If one could bottle up and serve all these positives, the human race would be topped up and over flowing with exuberance and verve. Whist we have yet to find out how to bottle it, we do hope to capture something of the season in our new and fresh menus.


At Firenze , you will find Lino. Max, and JJ are pushing the boundaries, and raising the bar to tease and tantalise your taste buds. Be wowed by their creativity, and sample the explosion of flavours in their new dishes. In our new Spring menu you will find some old classics, but given a new and edgy twist that will amuse, and satisfy.

The true art is in discovering new mediums, allowing them to facilitate new experiences, whilst exercising restrain, the result, we hope, you will find irresistible.

We hope that you will agree that Firenze is aging beautifully.


As a little extra and by way of thanks, we will be offering the Menu Mercato at a reduced price of £15.00 for two courses in the evening, Tuesday – Thursday, and our much loved Due per Uno, that is 2 for 1 offer at lunch time, Tuesday – Saturday, you order a minimum of 2 courses, we give you the second on us!


We have also tweaked our opening times, serving lunch and dinner from Tuesday – Saturday, closing all day Sunday and Monday.  Giving Lino and the boys one day for sleep and one for further experimenting and of course research.. long Monday lunches coming our way soon


At Boboli, Tom, John, Ben, Sam and Freddie consistently surprise and delight their audience. Whilst the menu is distinctively more traditional than Firenze, there is nothing ordinary about the food. Lino’s Mama’s lasagne, is the talk of Kibworth, the Pizza’s are fabulous, and Tiramisu to die for. Adopting the traditional recipes and finest ingredients of Itlay, yet adding our own modern twist to keep it exciting, hearty food, served with style. The new Spring/Summer Menu will be served from April; it really is too delicious to miss.


Celebrating our 4th birthday in May, and the resounding success of our sister restaurant it seems only the natural thing to do, to extend our availability to seven days a week, this way everyone has a chance to visit and no one misses out.


As a little something extra and by way of thanks, we shall serve pizzas to go on Sundays and Monday evenings at £5.00, leaving you a little bit over, perfect for a DVD from Kibworth Movie zone, or, if you prefer to eat in, enjoy Due per Uno, two pizzas, or bowls of pasta for one Sunday and Monday evenings.


Of course the big news is that we are also extending Boboli’s opening hours; Sette per Sette, yes, seven days a week.

From 25th April, Boboli will be open from 10.00 am, all day everyday. Imagine no matter when you fancy a Boboli bite, we will be there; Be it for a quick coffee and a pastry in the morning, lunch, early or late, Pizza, Pasta, Piadini, and Antipasti, a sneaky little treat in the afternoon, or a full blown party in the evening, we are happy to please.


To take advantage of our great offers, and  more information, or to add your details to our database so that we can let you know of any future offers, please email

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