Back to school – back to business

As children return to school, many businesses are taking time to look towards trusted improvement techniques to drive their competitive advantage. Many employers will also be faced with requests from their employees for flexible working.

Stephen Smith, CEO of EMB Ltd, the leading enterprise and development company responsible for delivering a range of business improvement services including UK Trade & Investment international trade advice, Business Link, Investors in People and the Leadership and Management Advisory Service says: “Flexible working includes working from home and staggering working hours. Both are likely to be popular with employees at this time of year as many parents are faced with the challenges of managing the school run when working.
Introducing a flexible working policy could benefit both the business and the employees. However, businesses who are considering the introduction of flexible working for the first time need to plan, implement and monitor its successful introduction across the business.”

“EMB can help you make the most of the support available,” continues Stephen.

“For example, many businesses are already discovering how the flexible Investors in People framework can bring about positive business benefits such as increased productivity and cost savings. We are here to offer local businesses advice on how these requests should be managed and how to ensure that the business benefits as much as the employee.”

EMB advises that, when planning to implement a policy, businesses need to consider the following:
• What flexible working arrangements will suit the business?
• How will you deal with applications?
• Are there jobs that might be difficult to do under a flexible working arrangement, e.g. jobs that don’t suit home working?
• If there are, what is the nature of the obstacle and can you perhaps overcome it?
• How flexible are your IT arrangements, e.g. can employees access their email away from the workplace?

For more information and advice on the practical and legal aspects of flexible working, including useful tools and checklists available, call 0845 058 6644.

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